Ladies and gentleman, I bought a new cd. It's been forever and I am beyond sick of my iTunes library. Last night I ran into Best Buy and got Amy Winehouse's short cd. Thirty six minutes?! I'm not complaining though, it's refreshing and different. As a kid, I was a big nerd. Still am in many ways. But I loved the oldies that my dad gave me on tapes. I still have them somewhere, along with other tapes of me talking gibberish when live recorded journals were cool to me (Mork and Mindy?). So this cd reminds me of those old tapes. Oh and maybe it reminds me of this too (5/28), haha. Now I'll have something to listen to over and over while I'm driving.

I practically drove all over the state this weekend. Westminster and Lakewood yesterday for a baby shower and then just hanging out with Raul's side of the family. I won another baby game and I don't have kids! hehe, it was awesome. Since Rylie was born early, we couldn't play any of the traditional games, so there was a Price is Right game where you guess prices of baby products. I was 80 cents off! The only reason I won was because we had just gone shopping for our baby shower gifts, prices were fresh in my head. :) Now I'm eager to light up my prize, one of those tart potpourris from Yankee Candle Co. I met one woman at the shower who had my worst nightmare happen to her. She had her wedding photographs taken with film and for some reason ALL the film turned black. She didn't get any photos of her wedding except from candid shots from guests. (insert scream here) I can't even imagine.

After the gifts were opened, everyone said their goodbyes and I went to meet the family at the pool. It was packed and just got the do done so there would be no swimming for me. Just hanging out and relaxing. That's the best, hello summer!


There's a new version of Pac Man called the championship version and it's only available on XBox Live Arcade. I played the trial, very trippy.