Girl Shoes

girl shoes Have you seen Always? That used to be, well still is, one of my favorite movies. Richard Dreyfuss and Holly Hunter had something special and she was so feisty as a teeny tiny woman among all those male pilots. If you've seen it, you'll remember the part where Pete (Richard Dreyfuss) gives Dorinda (Holly Hunter) a gift and it's "girl clothes". A white dress and white heels (girl shoes!). She's so excited since there's never an occasion to wear them and I just think it's sweet.

Lately I've been purchasing girl shoes. It's a phase that comes and goes because I have yet to find some girl shoes, with heels and all, that are comfortable for the whole day. These are close, but I would say they are about...six hour shoes. I wear them at work or little outings on the weekend and then they are literally kicked off at the door. These are Frye Ada pumps that were on sale at Macy's. I kept checking Urban Outfitters over and over and when I just went browsing at Macy's, there they were. The last pair. In my size.

I do believe Stacy London and Clinton Kelly when they say that these types of shoes cut you off, your body doesn't look as long as it could, etc. But I don't believe that they are comfortable the WHOLE day.

No way Jose, not buying it. Yet.

And another girlie thing.  I wanted to do my toes so I went through all of my old nail polish.  I could had sworn I threw out my M.A.C. copper penny colored polish.  But nope, it was there and after a few shakes it seems to be okay.  Bad thing is it's discontinued.


Are you diggin' the new layout? It has a lot of things I missed so it may be here to stay. Now if I could just figure out how to change the links! And the photograph in the header because that's not mine, came with the layout.