As Random As It Gets

The old layout is back. Just for now. There are a ton of themes out there to choose from and I'm hoping I'll find something else. Or just learn how to customize this one.

I swear a ton of things have happened and when I want to write here I draw a blank. Oh, there's one, Father's Day. It was the best and my dad barbecued steaks. They were perfectly tender and slightly pink. Then there was the visit to see my friend and her preemie in the NICU. Both of them are doing good, her son is so strong. Two pounds, 14 ounces. Beautiful little guy. I don't know why, but I thought the amount of preemies was small. How wrong I was. At this time there are 26 babies in the NICU, not all preemies but babies needing extra care. The help, love and care they receive is wonderful to see. We're going to visit them more and I try to text her a lot. So therapeutic. ;)

Just booked a trip to California so I can visit my family and go to DISNEYLAND. Yes! Very excited until I realized I booked it when Jo's husband's graduation party is the same day. Wonderful. So I'll be missing that, very bummed about that. Wedding plans have haulted until the reception site gets their new menu/changes for next year. It was supposed to be finalized on June 1 but that's come and gone.

For you guys that find the perfect t-shirt that you just have to buy, last one on the rack, and you notice a hole. I tried to help you today. Checking out retro shirts and baby doll tops when the perfect white t had a hole in it. I told the lady so she wouldn't put it back on the rack. Well she put it back on the rack. I thought it was considered damaged? Ah well, I tried.