The Whoorl

cheeky monkey It's contagious. I just tried it out, this new hair technique by the wonderfully cool, Whoorl. Didn't know it was possible for one chick to kick so much butt, but she does. Did you know that you get an awesome wave/curl effect when you don't use the clamp on a curling iron? Yea, me neither. So I tried it and this is my contribution to her flickr set.   I had just switched to Frederic Fekkai moisture shampoo, so isn't it funny that she mentions his glossing cream and spray?  I got the cream yesterday and the rest is history.  I've got a few more pics over here, just being silly. You know how I do.

I found this awesome photographer through my hairstylist, so we went to meet up with him today and see his body of work. Great googlie mooglie, everything was beautiful. He's personable. Him and his wife work as a team shooting in a photojournalistic style. Definitely diggin' him so we're thinking about that. The deposit has already been put down for the chapel. That meeting put me off a little bit because she was so about business with the rules and regulations. NO throwing of rose petals. NO rice. Bubbles are cool. Things are going well and bringing us closer.

Need to remember the real focus because the Wedding Tide can quickly pull you under.

Hmm, been slacking on the workouts.


I asked this a long time ago, but now I have Wordpress and I can't figure it out. How can I get my flickr pics to link back to flickr from here? I copied and pasted the hyperlink info from the "all sizes" page over here and as you can see, it's not working. Right? I've only tested in Firefox. So since the linking wasn't working, the other pics in other posts are pics uploaded to my server. Ayudame por favor.

Always something! ;)

Okay, now back to the cleaning I'm supposed to be doing right this moment.