It Hurts Us

Last year I bought a bike. A kick butt bike with skinny wheels and grippy handlebars. The fiance and I went for a ride around Cherry Creek reservoir on Saturday. My butt has been sore ever since. I borrowed his very old biker shorts and the padding is non-existent. I keep hearing "you'll get used to it", but I don't think so. I know myself, I know my butt and it's sensitive to my bike seat. So what to do? Look for a new seat or get some heavily padded shorts of my own? Stuff my undies with Charmin? ;)

Other than that and the large community of bug balls (do not ride with your mouth open), it was a good work out.


I found the pineapple coconut ice cream! I've already eaten the whole thing and it's hard to find. Haagen Daz needs to make bigger sizes. Oh, and was I the only one disappointed by the Sopranos series finale? At least Big Love premieres tonight.