Garage Sale'n

Raul's clone is in town to stay. His older brother, Gilberto. I swear they look so much alike and they are eight years apart. Raul is the baby of his family, just like I'm am the baby of mine. Today my friend Sandra said the same thing so I'm not crazy. No matter what the clone siblings say.

So, remember how I said I dropped my laptop? The top and bottom parts came in so I dropped it off yesterday and got it back today. New keyboard and trackpad, they feel so smooth! I'm in love. Being out of commission for just less than 24 hours is just another reminder that I need a back up computer. The iMacs are looking quite delicious lately. I'm such a mac girl.

Today was all about the garage sales. I met up with Jo in Castle Rock and we headed out. The sun was relentless and if we were having babies anytime soon, our cars would have been stuffed. But alas, I walked away with a shot glass, Trivial Pursuit 1980s, lavendar microwavable slippers and the Tortilla Curtain. All for less than $10, woo hoo. I think I'm going to have a garage sale too, or Craigslist, or just put things up on here and see if you're interested.