Hunter Puppy Boy

That's what Raul's niece and nephew call him

I'm a big kid and yesterday I splurged and bought a pink DS Lite. I love Mario games so the first game I bought was Yoshi's Island. I just needed something that had nothing to do with ramping up on my photography and planning the wedding. Something to just zone out on. I've been on the go and I spoke too soon about my computer being ready. When I got home, I noticed that the volume at full blast was nothing louder than a whisper so back to the store it went. Now there is sound and it works like a dream.

Did you know that Apple Care has a maximum amount of three years? Mine is up in August this year. Just another reason to purchase an iMac. I highly recommend getting Applecare, it's saved my butt more than once.

The season finales this year have been insane. Desperate Housewives? Grey's Anatomy was a big let down. Dancing with the Stars? Now Heroes tonight? Lost on Wednesday? What am I going to do when all the shows end? Hmm...