Why Hello!

Spring is here! The cold is 99.9 percent gone and I've been working out. Happy belated St. Patty's Day! My friend's birthday is the day after so we partied it up on the holiday. Our whole group wasn't representing in green. We're rebels. But delicious steaks and cheesy mashed potatoes were consumed. Later we headed to a lounge bar and danced to a few songs and clinked some glasses. Sunday was all about lounging around. A really good movie to check out is The Prestige. I LOVED it. Next will probably be 300.

Dancing...with the Stars is usually my show but I don't know about this season. Not all that impressed at all. Ian Ziering brings back memories though, lol. LOST is losing me a little with every show. Not enough answers are coming quickly enough for me.

Back to work, my brain is back and I can work on projects finally. Good night.