I'm a very happy girl because my teeny tiny painting came today. Allison is so damn talented. Thank you!

Saw 300, didn't like it. They bit Gladiator, Braveheart, and Minority Report. Nice abs though.

I'm still not completely well, this thing is hanging on for dear life. It hasn't stopped me from working out though so I'm proud. Reminds me, can't forget strength training today. I bought 8 lb weights just for this occasion.

My last appointment with my reflexologist was on Friday. Man it was nice but now it's over. I have some foot exercises to practice now. Strengthening my muscles all over is a goal of mine. I asked one of the therapists what I might be doing to cause my alignment to get out of wack. Anything pulling on one side: carrying a purse (necessary!), camera (necessary!), computer (necessary!), sitting on my leg (bad news), etc. I've been conscious of sitting on my legs but the other stuff, ugh.

I love this beautiful weather. It was rainy but I didn't care. I usually hate the rain but after all of the snow, I welcomed the rain. Poor little worms though, they didn't see it coming.

Oh, and I helped a friend paint this weekend. I have no clue how to paint but it turns out I've learned a thing or two from my parents. They are always on top of their house, repairs, and renovations. While everyone else was cleaning outside and manning their other projects, I trekked to Home Depot for paint, primer, all the fix ins. I came back with 2 gallons of antique white paint, 1 gallon of primer, painter's tape, a huge sponge, extra fuzzy rollers. Aw yea. Some is primed but there's more to do. This weekend should be tons of fun.

And lastly, my friend Tracey is going to be a momma. My cheeks hurt from smiling so much. She rocks.

How you doin'?