Oh My Maya!

About over two years ago I was flipping through US Weekly magazine and saw Mandy Moore wearing a gorgeous and dainty gold necklace with charms. I fell in love. I'm always looking for cute and dainty jewelry that's real too because I can't wear the other stuff. Only sterling silver and gold for me.

The magazine was my friend's and she tossed it out. I thought I would never find that necklace or the designer again. I kept an eye out all the time hoping to see it again. Then I flipped through Lucky and there was another necklace I loved. It was by Maya Brenner and when I checked out the site, there was my necklace I thought I would never see again. Just a bit expensive so I thought I would save up for it and I talked about it all the time. Dropping not so subtle hints all over the place.

One of my gifts for Christmas was the necklace! So beautiful and I wore it all the time. Then I noticed the chain was getting funky, gold was rubbing off and it smelled like pennies. I couldn't believe the chain wasn't 100 percent gold but instead it was gold plated.

So I put it away and didn't rock it like I wanted to. I kept thinking about taking it to jewelry shops and getting estimates on a new chain. The Zales at the outlet has discount chains so I checked them out. The salesman estimated around $400 to include the chain and then break the charms so they can be re soldered onto a new chain. Yuck. I decided to write Maya Brenner and see what's up. I wrote an email and asked if anything could be done. Quickly a response was in my inbox saying that I could send them the necklace and they could replace the chain for $45! I mailed it off that day.

When I got home there was another email saying that the chains they had were too weak for my charms so Kira was going to go downtown to find a chain just for me. Awesome! When I was in the doctor's office, Kira called me letting me know the necklace was ready and it looked really cute. She mailed it off that day and ever since I've been eagerly checking my mailbox. Came home today and checked the box. One piece of junkmail. Damn.

But when I got to my door, my welcome mat was off to the side and underneath, my package from Maya Brenner. The necklace is TOO CUTE and I'm sportin' it now.

Man I missed it. Kira and Maya rock!!

Now I have my eye on this one and this one.

**** Oh, and have you seen this? About time Disney! It's the Frog Princess but hey, at least it's something.