Well lookie there, I didn't even know you tagged me tracey! This looks like a hard one. I stole some of your answers but they were the same for me, promise. Seven Things To Do Before I Die 1. See Paris, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, Africa, China, etc (in no particular order) 2. Swim with a dolphin 3. Be a mom 4. Raise a puppy 5. Be a successful photographer and illustrator 6. Be on a reality show and win (Come on Jo, be my partner on Amazing Race!) 7. Have a book published

Seven Things I Cannot Do 1. Speak anything fluently except English 2. Play any instrument 3. Sky dive or ride roller coasters 4. Eat liver 5. Paint 6. Cut hair 7. Finish this list with seven things I cannot do

Seven Things That Attract Me to... (a man) 1. Sense of humor 2. The way he treats his family 3. Taste in music 4. Knows a good pizza when he eats one 5. Affectionate 6. Attitude towards life 7. The ability to put up with my crap

Seven Things I Say 1. Wait, I want to take a photo of _ 2. I'm soooo tireeedddddd 3. Whatever 4. Sup? 5. No worries 6. I'm good 7. "........"

Seven Good Books 1. Nature Girl 2. The Hot Zone 3. Lance Armstrong's "It's Not About the Bike" 4. ------ 5. ------ 6. ------ 7. ------

I barely have any because I rarely finish my books. My bookmarks are currently living in the middle of about four books right now.

Seven Good Movies 1. Pulp Fiction 2. Kill Bill 3. Legends of the Fall 4. The Wedding Singer 5. Braveheart 6. The Breakfast Club 7. The Truman Show

These are just movies I've seen over and over. Can't help myself.

Seven Blogs To Tag 1. whoorl 2. nate 3. brenda 4. whitney 5. jenny 6. kendall 7. kerrie