My throat is so sore that I can't talk.

The one time I decide not to go to the doctor and handle my cold like a "big girl" it lasts fooreever and it is the worst thing I have ever had invade my body and break it down.

Since nothing else worked, I just went to the doc today. Had to have chest x-rays, take a breath test (made my throat worse), urine analysis and a throat culture. Oh tons of fun!

First I waited forever to get in to see my doctor, then in between visits from the doc and others, I slept. It was that long in between. When I did get out of there, I thought my prescription for antibiotics and cough medicine with codeine would be ready for pick up.

Oh silly rabbit, it was not ready and there a lot of hanging out browsing magazines for an hour at Walgreens. I've had this madness since February 22 and I am so over it.

I want my brain back.

After my x-rays were done I secretly snapped some shots of this guy. I was getting grumpy and Mr. Skeleton cheered me up.