Baby Elias

There were no disgusting baby shower games.

I think that's why I loved this baby shower so much. My friend Marlena is due next month so we partied today. There was the "guess how big around the expectant mama is with toilet paper" game. I was so close, guessed 11 sheets when the answer was 12. Then there was the baby word scramble where you unscramble 25 words. I won that!! Warm Vanilla Sugar Bath and Body lotion and soap are mine because I got the most words, 21 out of 25. Oh yea!

From the very beginning we were all playing the clothes pin game where you can't cross your legs. That, my friends, is torture. I didn't realize how much I crossed my legs, so glad I was wearing jeans. I only got one other lady's pin. Then there was the baby bingo where you try to guess what gifts the mama will get and then you fill up your board with your guesses. That was a toughie.

But yes! Finally no tasting of baby food and guessing the flavor. No heating up candy bars in diapers and guessing what the candy bar was. And awesome gifts too? Wow.

I had fun and I smell all vanilla-y.