The ebola crazy gnarly funky virus cold sickness is over!!! I can still blow my nose like crazy but energy is up, can breathe out of my nose and mouth, aahh the little things. Now let's get back to work and have fun. I still illustrated and barely shot but it was through a dark cloud. The cloud has been lifted and there are crazy cute bunny creatures to draw.

I had so much more to write about but what is with wanting to write and it disappears? It's an epidemic, net wide. The gym at work opened today so I worked out on the treadmill and weight machine. Plan to do the same tomorrow. Went shopping on Friday because I am in a jeans rut and I must get out. Got gray bottoms and black bottoms, I can shop forever for tops but bottoms are so much more difficult for me.

Are you trying to get out of a rut of some sort? Do tell.