About two months ago I was wearing my favorite black leather boots with skinny heels. I'm walking and I hear some weird sounds coming from one of my shoes. Turned out I lost my little rubber sole. There was this cobbler store I remembered so I went over there and had my shoe repaired. Thought nothing of it.

The first time I wore them, body pain. Second time I wore them, same thing. So I stopped and my body recovered but my left foot has been hurting ever since. I made the call to my doctor and chose to go the reflexology route.

It was so nice. So serene. My reflexologist is a foot specialist and it turns out my right leg is shorter than my left. Plus, when you lay on your back, your feet should be straight and mine turn out because of my hips. So I just laid back while she massaged my legs from the knees down. Energy was released and she said that she felt adjustments on my foot. I was knocked out and she had to wake me up when it was over. There was a point there that I made a noise and woke myself up, did I snore?? It was so great to be relaxed and at peace. Now my foot is sore and I'm drinking a cup of water every hour to release the toxins.

Did you know that the area from the ball of your feet to your toes is connected to the area of your neck up? So the therapy should help my congestion from this cold as well. Next session is Wednesday, can't wait.

**** Do you remember Melissa from Real World New Orleans? Well I follow her blog and guess who's engaged. Congrats, everyone's engaged. That makes four stories so far this year. Her story and the way she tells it, it cracked me up and made me veklempt at the same time. Too cute.