This weekend was refreshing.

Only had to wear one jacket and the sun was shining. On Saturday a little girl had her first birthday party so I partied it up baby style. Five babies under six months, everyone warned me not to drink the water and I didn't. There was a puppet master for entertainment, finger foods, chocolate everywhere you looked, cupcakes, and conversation. I got some good shots and I think a passion for baby photography is growing. Photojournalism with a focus on parents and their kids. But young kids though. Hmm.

The party was so nice that I lost track of time when I was supposed to meet Jo at the movies! I did meet her though, only five minutes late, and we had sushi. Then it was off to Dreamgirls and I loved it. I think they deserve every nomination they've received. Very entertaining movie and not too much singing, just enough.

On Sunday the sun was shining even more and I went to a new outdoor mall here. The sales were to die for and the skating rink was a cool attraction. So fun to watch others ice skate since I don't know how.

The sun beating on me was a nice change. My attitude is affected by the weather, I need the sun.

On the nerdy front, I sampled Photoshop CS3 and oh my God it is too good. I shouldn't have checked it out, it's that good. Now I must wait until April (please let it be EARLY April), for it to be launched. Can. Not. Wait.

P.S. I have no clue what the deal is with the dreams but that is interesting Kendall. May have some truth in there somewhere. I've prayed about it and the past two days I've had wonderful dreams. This needs to continue!