First Birthday

first birthday
I woke up early this morning because of another bad dream. My dreams have been horrible for the past few days and I don't know what's up. The one before, I had an abusive boyfriend and I was trying to pass messages for help to anyone who would listen without getting caught and having my butt beat. Then last night I was in some gorgeous world that was high up and I guess you could call it a Treehouse World. I don't know, but I got on this thing that spun around and I didn't know it spun and when it did, I was holding onto this pole and started freaking out because it was a big drop if I fell off. Then I woke up. These nightmare/dreams need to go away already.

Today should be fun though because my friend's daughter turned one on the January 24 and today is her birthday party. Can't wait to go and so glad the snow has stopped for now. I found these really cute knitted toys for 0+ years old at Target. Aren't they the cutest? It was hard to choose, there was a chicken, sheep, cat, etc. Too much cuteness.

So I'm almost out the door for that and since none of the guys in our lives want to go, I rounded up the girls so we can see Dreamgirls. Meeting up for sushi for dinner and then Dreamgirls for dessert. Should be a fun night.

Shrimp tempura rolls are on my mind.