This could have been a submission for I-Fri's "Red" topic. Ah well. Let's see if I can talk about something else other than how frickin' cold it has been for the past seven weeks. Oh, I've been on a baking rampage. First there were nasty sugar cookies from a mix, not good. Then there were chocolate chip cookies from my Good Housekeeping cookbook, double yuck and hard as a rock. So then I baked some Betty Crocker cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, started to get somewhere with that but not quite. So the last thing I baked was a double chocolate bundt cake from Williams Sonoma. That's as good as it's going to get I guess, probably just need to go to Chili's and get my favorite Molten Lava dessert.

That thing is the best. I usually always have a sweet tooth lounging about but when it's freezing, just makes me want to bake and have the smell of sweets all over the house. Dessert scented candles just won't do the trick.

No major plans this weekend but staying inside and watching the Superbowl. I can't wait to see the commercial from the guy who won the contest for coming up with your own Superbowl commercial. Oh, and there's that guy who is proposing to his girlfriend during the fourth quarter.

How can she not know? Won't camera crews be there? Hmm.