Breakfast Purse

I'm sad. I surf way too much and now I can't find a really cute purse I had found about two days ago. I think it was a site through carrie's links and it had a vintage breakfast purse. Two eggs over easy and a piece of bacon on a round purse. The purse was baby yellow with a matching strap. Dammit, this sucks. :::continues surfing:::

edit - 8:20am - In case you don't read the comments, the purse has been found. It's Libby's creation and it's right here. ahhh, much better. :)

last edit...i think - 9:18am - Ok, I try not to talk about my job on this site because if there's one thing I've learned from others, it's not to talk about your job on your site. ie. dooce. :) But I am on a team of four women including myself and all of the other teams in our department have men and women. So whenever we were thinking of a team name I would say, "go team estrogen!". The other women would groan and say, "oh no you didn't just say that". Little did I know there was an actual site called team estrogen!!! You GO girl, lol!