Photo Friday - Landscape

landscape - aerial view of Florida from a vacation in july, 2002
Why is it that shorter weeks due to a holiday feel even longer? I am pooped. Working, working on my poncho, and running around has me feeling worn out. I'm starting to like the way the poncho is coming out and a lot of people have said it's beautiful. When I tell the ladies at the shop that I started crocheting on Wednesday, they call me a liar. haha, it's the truth! Zach, one of the employees at La Ti Da, holds my hand for every row so it's a little easier. I don't know how to read the pattern but once he translates, I'm good to go. I'm supposed to go to a bbq that Jay's job is throwing up southwest around 6pm. I hope they have good bbq. This weekend I want to complete my poncho, clean my condo, get my hair done, buy a Mr. Clean AutoDry system (coupons came in the mail), and chill.

Blame Canada via South Park (kidding) Here are some cool kats representin' Canada Luc - has shirts for sale now. I wish I had a print of the illustration for the atlanta journal on the scroll down on the right (3rd thumbnail down). His artwork is always awesome.

Keaner - a sweetie pie who I ordered two comics from. He put a personalized greeting and sketch in the inside cover of each one. I love them! Check out what he's working on right now.

Have a lovely weekend!