Vanilla Bean and Dahlias

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I made it to the store and Zach and I started deciphering the pattern after I had worked out some stitches. Little did I know that learning the stitches was the easiest part. I want the poncho to fall off of one shoulder so we had to change the pattern a bit so it wouldn't be up around my neck. Which means everything else changes in the pattern as well. I'm going back tomorrow to work on it with assistance again. It's coming along nicely and I'm using Rowan Calmer in a versatile vanilla bean shade. Should be delicious.

Everyone that knows me knows things don't nurture and grow in my care. haha. I have a bamboo in water and an arrowhead in water in my cube at work and at home in my kitchen. When it comes to soil, I freak out. I'm scared of gnats, dry soil, overwatering, etc. I was out with my mom yesterday and somehow I walked out of the nursery with a dahlia. Potted and everything. She's a pretty flower even though she might not make it past October since she's an annual. I'm keeping her inside so maybe she'll get faked out and not realize it's later than October when the time comes.

But I love her all the same, I hope she makes it that long, haha.