Hmm, where to begin? You've probably noticed that all of the entries past October 6 are gone. My host informed me that they were changing servers in October with no instructions that something needed to be changed on my part. I am registered with another company. According to the email, this change would happen on October 6 and then there would be a two week grace period, resulting in the official closing and shut down of the old server on October 21. All of a sudden on November 27, I couldn't reach my site. Server errors left and right. I escalated the issue and they said "oh, it's not pointing correctly, change your DNS". So I did. Less than 24 hours later my site is back up but only up to October 6.

So no more NaBloPoMo. No more wonderful comments that I feel as passionate about as I would a love letter. No more. As you can imagine, I got pissed off and let them know. They said it was a technical issue and would be fixed within 24-72 hours to get my information from the old server onto the new.

Today I opened the ticket to see that, "nope, all of the information on the old server was erased, we can compensate, yadda yadda." At least flickr has some information but all of those words, comments, information, all of it meant something to me and it's gone. It feels like everything crumbled beneath me and now it could crumble again at any time.

I feel like being quiet, what's the point if it can just be erased at any time?

**** I have cached entries, so I'm retyping them. The comments will be lost though.