Turkey Day

turkey day
Are you still full? I think I just stopped being full. Ate so much! Today I had to go back to work for one day and it was tough to wake up. I was fighting just to get out of bed. I swear that the pic above is the last Thanksgiving photo. My mom outdid herself, the cheesy potatoes, turkey breast, stringbeans, ...mmm.

Hmm, got sidetracked. After I ran out of work at the end of my shift I met up with my friend, Jo, and we checked out Aspen Grove so she could see the exhibit close up and we could hang out. I did want to see the exhibit too, so I can't leave that out. November's almost over which means the end of the non-stop posting (woo hoo!) and also means that the photos will come down (boo).

That mall wasn't nearly as packed and there were some good sales.

Sometimes nothing beats venting and spending time with a good girlfriend. So thank you Jo for that.