Hello December

aspen grove
It's been a full day already and it's not even done yet.

I woke up feeling sickly. Sore, weak, coughing, fun times. Since today was the day for taking down the exhibit at Aspen Grove (can you believe it's December already??), I made plans to eat lunch with Marlena. We met up at Olive Garden and it was delish! The soup and salad deal is such a good one. Neverending soup (zuppa!), breadsticks, and salad. Mmmm.

After that it was time to go on my trip to the outdoor mall and unlike when I put it up with help, this time I would be taking it down by myself. I was concerned because it's Starbucks and that place can get VERY crowded. But it was all good, there was some room to move around and I took down my art pieces. Bitter sweet but the supervisor said I could put them up again, just say the word when. I'm happy about that!

orange berries

I took some shots and walked around in the freezing cold. I need to find some vitamin C, feeling so weak.

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