A photo op of Mario was needed just cuz. It's the best toy ever from McDonalds. Plus he's winking? Perfect.


My magazines arrived today!! I was so excited and I just kept flipping through them over and over again. I'll most likely start with the small stuff before diving head first into a sweater.

But look at this.

leaf cravat

An old issue of Interweave Knits was dug out this weekend and a leaf cravat was started on Friday. It's going to be too cute and in a nice neutral shade so it can go with pretty much anything.

On another note, are you the type of person that doesn't like to put their goals out there for the world to see? Not that you are scared or don't want to jinx anything but even though you know you will hold yourself accountable you're just probably not that comfortable with others holding you accountable? At times I feel like that person. But do know that I am getting things in order for the exhibit. This will be the first time my art will be standing on its own without a class or a fashion event to hold on to. I want to do it right and get organized.