Estes Park

So I wake up, work out for an hour. Then proceed to eat junk on a trip up to Estes Park. I'm still sore from working out though so maybe it wasn't all in vain. How can you say no to Dreyer's Almond Prailine in an old town shoppe in Estes Park? See why I couldn't say no?

Lately the weatherman has been lying more than usual because again the temp was much colder than was expected. I did get some decent shots though and it was fun to see the leaves change. It's so beautiful to actually see seasons here although the winter does make me sad. I'll stare at the gorgeous yellows, oranges, and reds as long as I can.

There were so many cool things to see up there besides the leaves changing. It was surprising to see snow flurries! Already? There was even ice on the road in some places. Some of the stores were pretty awesome and there's this home store that I wanted to buy one of everything from. Everyone was active either walking around, walking their dogs, fishing in a stream, etc. Such a different lifestyle up in the mountains. It's nice to sneak a peek every once in awhile.