What Can I Say?

I have been silent lately. I guess there has been a lot on my mind. Sometimes I feel like I ran so fast to hit the finish line of college that I am still in a cool down period. Trying to get used to my new routine of doing WHATEVER I WANT. Can't say how much I love that enough. So I have goals accomplished in one hand and my other hand is full of so many others. New adventures and things to look forward to. This week was a tough one and I am blessed to be so loved. Ladies, check your breasts, that's all I have to say. You, a loved one, a lover, your doctor, whatever, just check them. Especially my fellow black girls because we are prone to having more aggressive types of things than others. So yea, health first and foremost.

Hmm, I've been cooking a lot and it's been awesome. The shrimp linguine (I used angel hair since it's my fave) by Ina Garten on foodtv.com is SO good. Must make that again soon. Ever since I finished Kate I've been itching to knit something else and my magazines can't get here soon enough. I have two old Interweave Knits along with two Rowan books as well. Skimming through those reminded me of things I wanted to make, especially for winter, but never had the chance. Plus, some of those projects are a little pricey! $10 for a ball and one cardigan calls for 12 balls. Not cool. I really miss having knitting homies since La Ti Da closed down. Everywhere I turn there is a closed down yarn store, it was a cool little subculture to be a part of and I miss it a lot. With school being out of the picture I'm running out of common interest groups like knitting and photography. Thank God for the internet but I want some interaction at the newest and coziest knitting spot too.

I've found these sites that just make me want to beg them to be my new bestfriend:

Eunny Jang Whispering Pine Brooklyn Tweed

Oh and winning the XBOX 360 awhile ago + a friend letting me borrow Tomb Raider Legend = not a good idea. The graphics are phenomenal, good thing I don't have that big of a problem with heights.