Window Shopping

The design of my party invite is complete. I just need a few more addresses so I can mail them off and then I can post it here. I also want to share because it ties in with the "fat" theme of I-Fri this week. I turned in my last assignment on Thursday, a journal and time log of my time with the Autism Society internship. Fittings for the cap and gown are on May 9 and May 10. Everything is coming together. Like every weekend, I don't want it to end. I think I've only owned one bike in my life (see banana seat, tassels, and training wheels). Now I'm thinking about getting a hybrid and they are expensive. When I talk to my friends they tell me the one I want is nothing and they paid a grand for theirs.

I called my friend, Saebom, and we checked out the art walk. The weather wasn't that bad at all and the art was worth it. I caved and saw MI3. I thought it was good, the action was non-stop. Next movie on the list - Pirates of the Caribbean, it looks unbelievable.


I am a bubble blower!
Find your own pose!

Strange questions and my sleep pose is dead on.