Green Thumb Envy

I'm huffing and puffing. Man, I am out of shape. Just got home from a walk around the neighborhood. I needed to walk and take things in. Praying along the way was essential for me to de-stress. Things are moving fast, transitions are everywhere I turn and it's great. I'm realizing more now than ever that I need time to slow down and take things in. The walk was the perfect remedy. I took in the smells of dinners being prepared and got barked at by every neighborhood dog there was. The muscles in my legs are snap-crackle-popping from being put to work.

I have things I want to take pictures of and put here. Like the new succulents I bought and their matching green pots with drainage. (Look ma, no rotting soil!) My mom has the green thumb and so does my dad, this gene was not passed on to me. I even had the nursery worker pot them for me so they have the best start possible. I can't water them for three days so the roots can callous over and then I water them every two weeks. Shouldn't be so difficult at all.

I also wanted to document my gown and cap fittings tomorrow (woo hoo honor cords) but that's not going to happen either. Right now the vendor is waiting for my parts to come in and then they are giving me my camera back. The same old one, that is if the parts make the camera function so I guess there is still some hope.

**** Last year when I was selling knitted items at a Fashion Denver event I was spotted by owners of a boutique in Boulder called Blue Skies. They loved my baby hats so I sold them and they have been in their shop ever since. The last three still didn't sell so they sent them back along with a thank you and some paperwork for me to sign for their records. I loved working with them so I included a letter and a graduation invite as an example of my work in case they need a photographer/graphic designer/illustrator in the future. It couldn't hurt and I'm glad that I put myself out there.