What? Huh?

I thought today was yesterday. All day I thought it was Friday.

I kept clicking on Illustration Friday and wondering why it wasn't changing to a new theme. I almost wrote Penelope! Then I'd remember it was Thursday.

I was wondering why so much cool stuff was on tv, since Fridays are usually dead. Then I'd remember it was Thursday.

I thought that I had better call Best Buy again about my camera (still in service!!!) since it's been two weeks and one day when it had just been two weeks. But still!

I was so excited to go to First Friday downtown and it wasn't First Friday yet.

I need the weekend to come sooner. Today the weather is so gloomy and dark. There was even fog! It's supposed to be in the 40s so I doubt I'll be going to the art walk. Two months in a row without an art walk? Bumming me out. Happy Cinco De Mayo people.

**** I found this talented woman awhile ago through Illustration Friday. I haven't been back to her site for months and she has grown SO much. Do check out her beautiful work, you won't be disappointed.

It looks like Illustration Friday has a bold new and improved site design! I love it!

And the gift I won from the drawing...a Metro State water bottle and choral music cd. It's all good.