In the Meantime

The meeting with my advisor and my internship sup went well. Many positive things were said, some areas of growth (Thank God for those), and just talk about what was completed during my time with the Autism Society. I worked on a save the date card, fundraising event poster, annual report mock-up, and photo shoots for a video/slide show presentation. Next to my trip to Taos for Social Doc, this experience was just as invaluable. My sup then treated me to a sushi dinner at Sonoda's and it was fantastic. I could barely get up because I was so full off of two rolls. On Tuesday I tried out a chinese food buffet and made too many bad choices. My stomach is still upset from all of the greasy food.

Sonoda's is right around the corner from my favorite art supply store, Meiningers. So I headed there and got lost in all of the nibs and such. I bought a new moleskin, nib that gets more ink, a holder, a micron pen, and a big eraser. I have been trying to get lines like Kazu and others but I can't seem to get inking right at all. I wrote him a long time ago and he told me what nib he uses. When I talked to the art supply guy, he said you use various nibs on one piece to get line variation. So I'll try working with two nibs and see what happens. If there was a class I could take for cartooning, I would.

I still haven't heard back about my camera. It's time for me to call them and bug them again since today marks the "in two weeks" quote I got when I dropped it off.

In the meantime I'm working on a design for my graduation party invites. So many plans for working with textures and such but I need to just get it done and sent off. May 14 = Graduation, Mother's Day, and my brother's birthday. He's out of state so that's not a big deal but I have more mothers in my life this year than I did last year and it could get a little interesting. In all of the planning and busy bee stuff, I am ecstatic and content. My dreams are coming true and I'm loving every minute of it.

**** Thank you so much for all of the cool comments. I love reading them and I had tons of fun working on the mermaid. So many interesting and different interpretations of the always.