Whoever thought of exhibiting works of highschool students and younger in malls should be applauded. I love it when I drop by the mall and realize there is an exhibit from the local highschools. Their work is always inspiring. I saw photography, screen prints, colored pencil, graphite... It's awesome to see a detailed, complete and beautiful work and see "Valory S. Grade 10" next to it.

I walk away hoping they keep that fire burning and that it just wasn't an assignment. So much potential.

I've been putting kindling in my fire recently and I can't describe the feeling. It's just a great release.

I had to send my camera in (again) and I'm hoping they don't fix it. I just want them to say that it's broken and I can put my purchase towards a brand new camera. I dropped it off on Thursday. I love Canon but I've had so many problems with my Rebel that I'm thinking about making a shift in brands. Not so sure yet but I know my choices right now are the Canon 30D and the Nikon D50. I'm doing my homework and hoping for the best.

**** I found out today that I will be graduating with honors. This is a big deal to me and I'm excited. Magna Cum Laude! Yay.

The illustration above was what I was going to submit for "Spring" on Illustration Friday but I couldn't make the deadline. Those Fridays sneak up on ya!