Ok, this had to do with my snowboarding experience I had two weeks ago.

If I were a robot, this is what I would look like. I think I'd have to be a robot to try snowboarding again, (read down one entry to see what I'm talking about). I wish I could just pop a no fear cd into my belly and have a good 'ol time coasting down a mountain.

Maybe one day I will just get some courage and try again. I would definitely do bunny slopes and get some lessons.

This has been my most productive weekend ever. New site design + I-Fri submission on a Sunday. Fun, fun, fun.

**** Thank you to everyone for the positive comments, they bring a big huge smile to my grill. ;) And thank you also for the color advice. I was noticing a color shift when changing my illos for the web and I just needed help with color in general. Your help is much appreciated.