Party Hearty

A big storm is coming and I'm shaking in my asics. I just don't want to get snowed in like I did during the last blizzard we had. I have some Lean Cuisines so it's all good. Keeping the laptop charged in case the power goes out too. See, I'm prepared, no work would be VERY nice. Hopefully the call center will get shut down. Getting burnt out and the Sante Fe trip is only a hop, skip, and a jump away. Last night I partied with my friend, Saebom, who turned 30. She's a very cool chica I met in art class a year ago. Happy birthday again girl! We went to the Chop House and it was so GOOD! I had never been there before and everything was delicious. From the green chile cornbread brought to us in a iron skillet, to my filet mignon medallions and cheesy garlic mashed potatoes. Mmm! There were nine friends in all and one of Saebom's friends was so pretty. I've never seen anyone that stunning in person, she could seriously model. I almost took out my pen and drew her on the paper tablecloth but I had restraint. Gorgeous, Korean, and has an Australian accent. Exotic to say the least.

Saebom has her work up at the Starbucks in Aspen Grove because that Starbucks is featuring local artists. And guess who's next in line? I'm scheduled to have some photography pieces framed and mounted around the beginning of April. Just may do a set of playground photos.

I had to work off the meal from last night so I ran to the gym spent an hour on the treadmill. Now I've been working on a poster for the internship and it's coming along. I can't place the logo anywhere, kind of important. My confidence is so low sometimes that it can be scary. There was constant reinforcement when I was in class and getting feedback on every assignment. Plus, being a good student, most of the feedback was positive. Now that I'm taking two classes that aren't on campus and like the rest, there's a big difference. I need to draw it from somewhere and pray about creativity, inspiration, and confidence.

Hope you had a great weekend. Oh, and if you did, please share.