Envious of Crow

I'm sitting at Panera eating an asiago cheese bagel and wondering why I didn't bring my camera out today. Things are more important sometimes like grabbing my jacket, computer, and making sure the car keys didn't get locked in the house. The tons of tons of inches of snow haven't arrived yet but the amount we did get is enough for me. My chai is a million degrees farenheit so I can't even sip it yet. The chai at Panera is the best you'll ever taste. In my opinion at least.

I just saw a crow do a hop hop and fly combo off of the red do-not-park-here striping on the curb. He looked so fearless, like the crow on the Six Feet Under credits. The little black tables and chairs sitting outside are dusted with snow. The tops of the tables have an intricate design from the snow sitting in just the right places on the metal. Wish I brought my camera.