Don't Pinch Me

So, I got a ticket this week. Speeding ticket for allegedly going 65 in a 40. I'm going to court to contest it so that should be fun fun fun. It's been at least five years since I've got a ticket. That was the worst part of the week.

Kickboxing is the hardest exercise I've ever done. I thought it wouldn't be much effort for some reason and we'd be kicking and tapping the bag. I was so wrong because it was non stop sweating and pivoting. I kept taking breaks to drink water and when I was done I went straight home to shower and go to bed. The freelance job is complete and it's off to the printers. It is a 8.5" x 5.5" portfolio showcases my friend's interior design projects. I think the finished product is going to be beautiful and I'll be sure to take pictures.

I've been falling behind with my internship duties. Mainly because I feel unmotivated because of all of the "revisions" that happened on the last project. I need to change the way I internalize the changes and just see them more as a different direction or choice than a rejection. Gets hard to do sometimes.


Went on a walk to another park and there was this strange toy where you mix and match the heads, torsos, and butts of different animals. It just looked strange to me, something's not right about it.

As for today, I hope you wore your green. I wore mine even though no one could see it under my sweatshirt. I didn't drink any green beer either and I never have. Something to do for next year.

**** I was so going to draw Tattoo from Fantasy Island for Illustration Friday's "tattoo". *sigh*