The Park

Today was different.

Instead of running to my local Panera or ordering a #1 from Mickey D's during my lunch break, I went for a walk with my friend. It was a little cold but we pumped it and walked two laps around buildings near our job. By the end we had some time before we had to be back in the office. Our cheeks were flushed, we were breathing hard, and a little sweaty. But we felt great, this should be a new routine.

Instead of rushing home, I went to the nearby park to shoot. I think I'm getting nervous and anxious about the trip to Sante Fe. If there's anything I have learned about photography, it is to keep your eyes open and to be flexible. You can't plan anything, a moment is a moment and just try your best to catch it. That's all you can do. So I went to the park which was almost empty except for two moms and their kids. While I shot I kept hearing the little boy and little girl play. He would think up new games like seeing who could walk across the rocks without touching the "lava". He would never start a sentence without saying her name first. Julia. And she would question his new game by asking, "Why do you get to use a stick to get across the rocks and I don't?" You go girl.

I miss playing sometimes.

**** more pics on flickr, i'm a pro now. pro account that is :)