Coldplay Live

A Vday suprise, aren't they beautiful? I'm a weirdo because I freak out over plants. Right when I saw them I was worried I wouldn't be able to keep them alive. There were buds for three more of the gorgeous big flowers (stargazer lily). It had been about five days and the other buds weren't opening. I gave them a little sunlight and thought it would take a few days for them to open one by one. I was wrong, one bud opened just a little bit and by morning its petals were open wide and baring its insides for the world to see. Freaky flowers.

It was freezing cold so I stayed inside most of the weekend. Projects all over the house were staring me in the face but I didn't want to do any of them. For months my study became a dumping ground and hodge podge of things I liked but didn't really go together. I popped Castaway in the dvd and started organizing and redecorating my office. My goal was to make it cute, inviting, and a place I wanted to be in to create. I have a wooden dark brown chair with golden pillows. My new colors are dark brown and blue for that room. All it needed was two new pillows and a bunch of papers to be put away.

I friggin love this room now. Now I just need to move my bed in there too.


Right when I was falling in love with my room, my friend called to let me know she had an extra ticket for Coldplay. Coldplay. And I didn't have to pay! So Coldplay for free, hell yes.


Fiona Apple was the opening act and she's just strange. I tried to take pictures in there but it was too dark. Chris Martin is pheomenal and the performance was awesome! After that I couldn't think of anything else so I played hookie today and went shooting. I can't wait until it gets warm again, it's too cold to do anything lately.


O, and the cake is awesome!