Big Brother

Two hours ago I couldn't feel my fingers or toes. It was 12 below at 7 a.m. this morning. We are setting records for freezing temperatures out here and my brother moves back to California today. I went over there to say goodbye while my dad and two students my brother used to coach were packing up the moving truck. I tried to help but it was much too cold. I just took some pictures, gave some hugs, and said goodbye. I am going to miss my brother so much. I remember when his room was the only V.I.P. room I had ever heard of. I could never get in and I just wanted to spend time with him. But who wants to be bothered by their baby sister, especially when you're seven years apart?


Two of the most crystal clear memories I have are these:

#1 - the silhouette of his afro poking over the foot of my bed letting me know it was time to open Christmas presents #2 - watching him and his friends play carrom

The carrom table was one thing making its way into the dumpster. I didn't want the board itself, so I captured it in a photograph. While I was taking pictures I heard him tell his students that I was going to be famous some day. I went back to being that little girl and felt closer to getting into V.I.P.


I wanted to take pictures of my brother and I but I am crazy possessive of my camera and the thought of having it on the icy window sill on self-timer gave me the willies. The only pictures snapped are of my brother with his students and my brother with my dad. The similarities are uncanny right? The silly men in my life, I love them.

So glad to be warm and have warmth around me.

**** p.s. - if you aren't watching Dancing with the Stars, you need to be. Last night I watched Eric Mazzo (the professional winner last season) dance with is real life partner Edyta (George Hamilton's ex partner) and they were AMAZING. They danced to Michael Buble performing live and now I'm a fan of his as well. I have watched their routine over five times now and can't stop smiling everytime. I am definitely taking another dance class after this semester. A personal graduation gift I think.

O yes.