Iron Chef

My views on Valentine's Day have changed a little bit since last year. I still believe you should love all year and not just focus on one day. If that day is just like all the others, it's wonderful. That's how it should be in my opinion. My day was full of suprises. I've been busy as usual. Everyday I've been dragging and I don't know what's going on. I think I need another vacation already. The internship is going great and I'm waiting on feedback for the Save the Date card I'm making for the big event in May. Today was freezing cold and I couldn't feel my fingers for almost an hour. It was so cold today. I don't know what got into me but I wanted to cook and bake. I just spent three hours cooking shrimp and grits and baking a chocolate bundt cake. The shrimp and grits recipe is from Tyler Florence on FoodTv and the bundt cake is a mix from Williams-Sonoma. So tired.



Last Friday I was hanging out before eating sushi downtown. I thought I'd kill some time and go to my yarn store La Ti Da and instead I find out that it's closed down. I can't believe it. It looks like a restaurant is replacing it. I'm a little sad, that was my spot.

This is short and sweet but even though you didn't get a pic of me cheesin' (Nate), you have pics of food. The toothpick didn't come out clean when I tested out the cake, I put it back in for 10 minutes and now I think I overbaked it. I'll let you know how the cake turned out.

For now I'm dead tired, back is aching, and I just want to watch my taped Dancing with the Stars. I miss Tia. Oh, have you been watching Lost??!?!?! Best episodes ever lately! "My name is Saayid, and I am a torturer." :::shudder:::

Okay, gotta go. Goodnight.