It is freezing over here. I'm already a pansie when it comes to cold weather. But having the temperature be 16 degrees and feeling like 5, it makes me want to stay huddled up somewhere and not do anything.

Even though it was freezing, I still ended up going to meet with my internship supervisor and go over some projects. The organization I'm working with is focused on autism awareness and research. I'm going to be putting together the save the date cards, posters, all printed materials, and there will be a photography project as well. The photography will be of dads and their kids with autism so it should be a pretty cool experience. I can't wait to get started. Once taxes come back I can see if I'll be able to get a 70mm-200mm lens that would be perfect for Sante Fe as well as just shooting in general.

It's getting a little late since Valentine's Day is on Tuesday, but everyone needs an Anti-Valentine Day Guy. I have about five of these stuffed little guys left (they aren not identical, vary slightly) and I'm selling them for $11 each (does not include shipping and handling). If you're interested, let me know. You can make a statement for the rest of the month and longer with these guys. I'm not going to be making more, so this is it! Watching all of the excitement over VDay is making me want Dove and Godiva chocolates like crazy.

Must stop at Walgreens today. Mmm. I've fallen behind in everything so I must clean, run errands, and try to work out. I've been missing workouts and my Kinetic instructor is not happy at all. :(