Go Get 'Em

Today is the day. The interview is at 3:30 and I still don't have directions. I'll call and get them on my lunch break. I'm all dressed up in my long sleeved shirt, dark grey dress pants and pointy toed black boots. My hair is slicked back in a ponytail and I feel more confident this time. I worked on tightening up my portfolio last night and looking at my work was starting to get on my nerves. When I was getting tense and seeing double, I just closed my laptop and called it a night. Now the cd is burned and ready in my purse.

Wish me luck.

Oh yea, did you see the photographs taken of the football players and coaches with the Lombardi trophy? They were so beautiful and the expressions said so much. Very nice.

**** EDIT! I got it! I will graduate in May!! Now where do I begin on these projects?? :) yay!!