Friday was the last First Friday that my exhibit will be up. I went over there with donut holes right after work and other people brought goodies as well. It was freezing cold so we had a fair turn out but nothing like the First Friday in January. I ducked out about two hours before the exhibit ended after being told I looked tired over and over. I got the hint and I did feel tired. I crashed and called it a night.

Saturday was full of hanging out, buying cute shirts on sale, and just not having anything set in stone. Going with the flow was a necessity.

Today I haven't done much. It's Superbowl Sunday and I'm just wasting time until I get to go spend time with friends and eat greasy food!! I can't wait to see the commercials, that's my favorite part. It does suck that Destiny's Child is singing the anthem. Break up for good already.

I read Rachel's journal and saw her self portrait challenge so I joined in. The other two pics are on flickr. I used to love being in front of the camera but ever since I started shooting more, I shy away from it as much as possible. So this was hard and it was a challenge. The only thing I did was change to black and white. No more doctoring, didn't want to be a James Frey of photography:)

I have another interview on Tuesday with a group that works with autism. I'm working on my portfolio and just praying that I am what they want in an intern. When I was at the exhibit I found out that three of the girls in my last social doc class are graduating in May and I had to keep saying "hopefully I'll graduate". I hate the uncertainty most of all.

Thank you guys. Last week was a rough one and you helped a lot.

p.s. neverimind about the anthem, it was Aaron Neville and Aretha Franklin. phew!