Bummer Dude

This week has been a tough one. I've been losing my mind. My shift at work is from 6 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. so I'm half asleep every morning. Well on Monday I came in and parked, leaving a space between me and the car on the left, tons of spaces on the right. I walk in, start work, the usual. On my first break I decided to get a water bottle out of my car and my car was straddling one of the lines. I thought it was a practical joke and I had been Punk'd. But nope, I had done the worst parking job I've ever done in my life. Taking up two spaces!! So honest mistake I think so I hurry up and park my car the right way. I go back to work, come out for my lunch break and then my friend and I notice I have cuss words written into the dirt on the windshield of my car. Nice. I thought it was strange I didn't have a note. Plus, I go through the whole day, no phone call from the internship. "First thing Monday morning"...riiiiight. Tuesday the day is all right. I call to check about the internship and get vmail, leave a message. I hang out for awhile and try to see my friend from high school who works at the make up counter and find out she doesn't work there anymore. Went to the mall later to meet up with a friend, we both get tinted moisturizer and I want the sheer powder too. Of course the powder is out of stock.

Today I got into it with a friend at work, everyone was tense. Just a weird vibe and heavy workload, not a good work environment at all. I get an email letting me know I didn't get my photography chosen for the display at the library. I called the mall and they have my powder in stock so it's off to the mall I go! Then I needed to charge my phone and forgot it at home. I get home and there is a vmail, one missed call. It's the internship saying I didn't get it because I need more design experience. Hello, it's an internship, I'm trying to learn from real life experience. My radar was completely off I guess. I have a combination of shock and being upset and disappointed going on right now. So rude to leave me waiting!! These are pros in the business? I'm not burning bridges but I have no interest in working with them anymore after this. So now the hunt for an internship keeps going and the semester started on the 17th.

I'm going to bed, I just want to sleep it off. Very bummed out = me.