You'll probably notice some changes and tweaks over here. Very minor so far and not sure if they will become major anytime soon. Still getting through my css book and the author is the master of repetition. Page 202 and still haven't gotten to the meat yet.

I'm about to head out the door to see newborn Danielle again so this is quick. The art page has finally been updated with my portfolio! It shows digital art, clients, and some personal work just for fun. I need to figure out how to link images to Flickr and make more tweaks.

This weekend was much too short!! Tomorrow I'll be on my 7th week of Kinetic and it's kicking my butt. Instead of three workouts a week, I've ramped up to four. I peeked ahead and soon that will turn into five! My legs are always sore but I can see a difference. Yay for exercise.