Hey Y'all

I just got out of my interview. It was wonderful. I kept having thoughts that I was going to just drive straight home on a Friday like I usually do and completely forget about my interview until I got home.

That didn't happen.

I got to the interview right on time, rode the beautiful elevator up 12 stories and arrived. There were three people and myself sitting at an awesome wooden table with transparent orange pyrex chairs. Very cool. Very design infused. That's the best way to describe the suite. The walls were painted orange, green, and brown and each of the cubes were unique with little touches all over the place.

I kept my cool and answered their questions. We laughed and talked about design. I felt warm and saw relationships forming. I only met five people but it had more heart than some companies with over a hundred. I showed my art portfolio (first time) and that was interesting. It wasn't at all uptight but just right. There was shaking of hands and smiles.

I'll hear the verdict on Monday. What an awesome Friday.

p.s. - the pic is of a fridge in one of the studio art lofts at Art Walk. How cool to paint your fridge.