Bye Bye Blues

Okay, the blues are gone and I'm a happy happy girl today. My teacher gave us the great news. The exhibit has been extended!! Now instead of ending on January 21 it is going all the way through February. That means there's going to be another First Friday on February 3. A huge art walk, potential you're getting happy right? :)

And the internship I've been working on, finally got a phone call today. Interview is on Friday and I already have great vibes. I prayed about it and I'm continuing to. I just know there is so much I could learn from this internship. So, no more frowns for awhile.

To top that off, my friends Sandra and Bryce had their baby girl yesterday. A month early but everyone is doing fine and I get to see the baby tonight. I just love babies. Must take pics with no flash. Or try at least.

I'm smiling.