I've been sitting around reading a book I bought over a year ago about css design. I say it all the time but web design is not my favorite thing. Since this is a semi-light semester, I can do what I want as well as go to school...for now. I'm still trying to get my foot in the door for a magazine internship that I know I would love. In the midst of these things, I'm trying to sit still and learn acceptance. I haven't been able to sit still for a long time and understand what I want. I know that I've been working toward a goal of graduating forever. Lately I've been hearing the voices I heard a long time ago when I was high school. You know the ones about careers and to "love what you do and you'll never 'work' a day in your life." I am getting so close to having that become a reality and it can be frightening. You don't want to get this far and get comfortable. Too chicken to take risks and chances. I'm 28 after all, still young in some books. ;) So I'm starting to make some hard decisions about my passions, what brings me joy, and just my favorite parts of life. There are so many that I can't narrow it down.

Acceptance means so much to me. From making a truce with all of the moles (beauty marks?) my beautiful grandmothers have passed on to me, to my cluttered lifestyle full of piles. I'm growing and the clutter isn't quite at a Crate and Barrel level but there is just the right amount of essence of someone living here for my tastes. I'm leaving the student lifestyle behind and becoming "normal". Go to work and then live my life without exams, tests and projects. I can hardly wait to jump over hurdles while at the same time my feet feel locked in cement.

Life...she is fun no?