I am dead tired. Trying to make some changes in my life, but that's all I can say right now. I got my hair done today and upped the intensity of my perm from gentle to normal. I almost clawed my eyes out, seriously it hurt that bad. After that I could definitely get a tattoo at some point. After running errands today my advice to everyone on the planet is not to go to the post office and the library in the same day. I had a little bit of energy before that but having to stand in line where people are mailing packages, just so I can get penny stamps, was insane.

I'm about to nod off. So much to do this week and one of them is figure out where I'm going to intern so I can kill these two classes I have left and graduate.

**** Congratulations to Secret Agent Josephine!! Brenda and Toby now have a beautiful baby girl named Helena Victoria. :) Woo hoo!