Meet Elvis

I'm learning to understand the world of print and make myself flexible. Not sure if it's really the world of print, but it's the world of collaboration. When I was in class doing layout and design, I just worked on a project and turned it in to get graded. Now I'm working on real projects at my internship and I need to learn to take the changes, tweaks, and suggestions with a smile on my face. I feel like since I am at an internship instead being a paid employee, I can't voice my opinion as much as I normally would.

Today was full of tweaks and changes here and there. I worked on the Save the Date card for most of the day and everytime I check my email there is a new revision to be added. This is a big hurdle but I'll get through it and find a way to deal.

I have lenses on the brain so I chilled out and went to a camera shop to actually feel two of the lenses I've been thinking about. I want to get a telephoto lens but I'm not sure if it will get enough use. At $800 something for a f2.8 lens, I better use that baby a lot! So, still doing leg work and research. I think I'm going cross-eyed in the process.

One more stop before I headed home and that was the car wash. A wash was in order so I could see my car under all of the grime left over from the snow we had. That was when I met Elvis. He has a face only a mother can love don't you think?